Date of Charter

2nd August 1875















  No. 573  

on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland


JANUARY 15th 2021 - Abridged Memo from the Grand Master Mason


At the meeting of the Heads of Orders on Wednesday, it was unanimously agreed that meetings of all Orders in Scotland will remain suspended for the foreseeable future. My sincere thanks to you all for your patience and perseverance. The Heads of Orders are going to meet again in June to review the situation.”

(Full memo can be viewed here)


FEBRUARY 5th 2021-- Extract of Memo from the Grand Master Mason


Given that we have been unable to admit anyone into the Craft for almost a year now and probably another six months before we will have that opportunity, I am more than conscious that while no one has come into the Craft, we have lost a significant number of Brethren, some through Covid-19, many others through other causes. It is imperative therefore that the strategy working party address issues such as this with some urgency. I am aiming to have the report available by the end of March.

Could I also suggest that where you have candidates waiting for initiation, please invite them to your zoom meetings; if you have assistance initiatives happening in the Lodge / Community, invite them to participate - make them feel that they are already part of the Lodge family. Please don’t leave them out in the cold.”



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