Date of Charter

2nd August 1875














The 125th Anniversary - The new Millennium.

6th January 2000. Despite the prophets of doom, aeroplanes did not fall from the skies, computers did not crash, and the Lodge held a rather uneventful first meeting of the new Millennium. 

10th February.  A sub-committee met to prepare for the 125th Anniversary. Saturday 9th September 2000, was chosen, it being the nearest practical date available for the event.

17th February.  An informal visitation by ten Brethren from English Constitution Lodges witnessed an excellent Entered Apprentice Degree by WSW Brother Douglas Learmonth. Brother William Ellis, who was instrumental in arranging the visit, and his twin brother Archie presented to the Lodge, a stone headed Gavel from King Solomon's Quarries, and three large antique volumes of Masonic History, in memory of their late father Brother Bill Ellis, a hard working, loyal servant to his Mother Lodge. Worshipful Brother David Morgan of Lodge Democratic No. 9451 EC, presented a magnificent wooden chest of working tools, suitably inscribed to mark the occasion. RWM Brother William B. Johnston and the Brethren of 573 were delighted with the gifts and gave hearty applause in appreciation. Anglo-Scottish relations were further cemented by a very enjoyable Burns harmony, which followed the Meeting. 

March - June. The 125 sub-committee met frequently, and the Lodge Members busied themselves raising money for the coming celebration. 

June- July - August.  Although the Lodge was in Recess the committee continued to meet and finalise arrangements. As part of our celebrations, and as an attempt to redress recent tabloid press invective, an Open Day was planned for the 1st October 2000. Members of the general public would be invited to view our Temple, with guides on hand to answer questions. Soft drinks, tea and cakes would be served at the end of their tour. Public Relations consultant Brother David Bell of Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228, was gladly conscripted on to our committee and gave invaluable help and expertise. 

New Dress Aprons and Sashes for the Master and Thirteen Office-Bearers, together with new Gauntlets for the Master and Wardens and refurbishment of their Chains of Office, were obtained from Victoria Regalia at a cost of £2,477.00.

One hundred and fifty Commemorative Jewels in the form of a gilded Lodge Mark Penny with Blue ribbon and date Bar , together with one hundred new Lodge Ties and Mark pennies, were obtained from Bruce Crystal at a cost of £2,372.00.

One hundred and fifty 125th Anniversary Brochures, and Re-dedication programmes, were produced by Brothers Walsh and Davis, the £200.00 materials cost  being met by Sponsors "The Corner Shop/Scoffs ( Brother Willie and Liz Nelson)", "J. Noble Services Ltd ( Brother Archie Nelson)", " Muirs Travel ( Karen Muir, daughter of Brother Dougie Learmonth )", and "Easedale Guesthouse ( Brother Marday Vyapooree ) ".

£2000 was collected for non -Masonic charities with the generosity of the Brethren of the Lodge , their wives, families and friends, by way of donations, bingo nights, sponsored runs etc.

9th September.  A Special Meeting for the purpose of Re-dedication was held on Saturday at 5.00pm, to celebrate our 125th Anniversary. The Ceremony was carried out by Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother George R Kelly, assisted by Senior Provincial Grand Chaplain Brother Peter O. Price. Junior Provincial Grand Chaplain Brother William Orr consecrated the new Regalia. Brother George R. Kelly graciously accepted Honorary Membership of the Lodge. £125 was donated from the collection to the Provincial Grand Lodge appeal on behalf of St. Andrews Hospice. The Brethren and their guests retired to enjoy an excellent Dinner followed by the customary Toasts and Harmony. The Toast to Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573 being given, as is our tradition, by the Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305, on this occasion Brother Robert Allan.

1st October.  The Lodge Open day was very successful. Over a hundred members of the general public viewed our Temple and asked a great many questions, most of which were answered frankly by the appointed guides, although there were some they could not answer . All enjoyed tea and cakes organised by the members wives, followed by the presentation of £2000.00 to local charities. (separate report) . Good coverage ensued in the local papers, but the National Press were not apparently interested, preferring it seems, to print only negative views on Freemasonry.   

6th October. Lack of support necessitated moving the 125th Anniversary Ball from the Motherwell Civic Centre to a smaller venue, the Motherwell Miners Welfare. Modern Motherwell Masons are obviously not dancers, unlike their forebears.

28th December. A Special Meeting was held at which Brother Drew Donaldson Walsh, a Fellow-craft  of Lodge Royal Stuart No.893 (Western Australia), was raised to the Master Mason Degree. Brother Drew is the son of our Brother David, who emigrated to Australia some years ago and affiliated to Lodge 893, and the nephew of Brother Robert Walsh PM.  The  Walsh brothers took major parts in the Ceremonial which was witnessed by a large assembly including the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Kenneth Kennedy, and a Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire (MW). Brother Drew was made an Honorary Member of 573, to mark this rather unique occasion. The Provincial Grand Master also presented a Distinguished Service Diploma to Brother William Hyslop, marking fifty years membership and thirty years as Lodge Organist.

17th May 2001. A Notice of Motion increased the Lodge joining Fee to £170.00 and the Annual Test Fee to £ 22.00. It was agreed to include an embroidered cloth apron and a set of new Rituals in the joining cost.

1st June. The speaker at the Annual Lodge Dinner was Brother Joe Lang PM, and an operative mason. He described his 30 years of restoration work at Rosslyn Chapel. A few years later the "Da Vinci Code" became a world best seller, and Rosslyn Chapel even more famous.

6th September. The supply of "Blue books" having been exhausted, a team of Past Masters (Roe, Walsh, and Davis) spent much time and effort agreeing an updated version. A set of four Rituals comprising separate booklets for the three Degrees and an Opening/Closing/Procedures was decided upon. Card, paper, and printer cartridges costing £100.00 were purchased and an initial production of 30 sets  produced. 

20th September. The Brethren observed a minutes silence, to remember those killed in the horrendous terrorist attack in New York on the 11th of September. 

18th October. CD-ROMS compiling all the Lodges' stationery, the 125 Brochure, the Rituals etc. were produced. Copies were given to the Secretary, Treasurer, and PM's Walsh and Davis. A further copy was placed in the fire-safe, and one other, together with a 125 Brochure and Commemorative Jewel, sent to Grand Lodge for safe keeping.

17th January 2002. The Regular Meeting on the 3rd being cancelled due to proximity to New Year celebrations, this first Regular Meeting in 2002 was abandoned before the Lodge was opened. Organist Brother Bill Hyslop, returning after months of illness, suddenly collapsed whilst playing his beloved instrument. First aid was administered by Brothers Robert Walsh, Tom Johnston, and Archie Nelson and subsequently by para-medics and Wishaw General. Sadly Brother Bill died several days later in Hospital. 

7th February. An Office-Bearers instruction class was started using the updated Rituals and Procedures, under the tutelage of Brother William H. Roe PM.

21st February. The Lodge was presented with a silver model sailing ship by Mr. Nikos Costopoulos, who whilst working in Motherwell had contacted us via the website. We enjoyed his company on many informal nights, and were most disappointed, as was he, when his contract ended and he returned to Greece. Our "Honorary Greek Brother" still keeps in touch.

14th March. A Master Mason Degree was conferred jointly by Lodges St. John Dalzell No. 406 and Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228.

26th October. The Centenary of the Motherwell Masonic Halls was celebrated with a Re-dedication ceremony by Provincial Grand Lodge. This Special meeting was hosted by 406 and attended by 573 and1228, and many visitors.

19th December. An updated shortened version of the Mark Master Mason Ritual was agreed after some deliberations by Past Masters Roe, Walsh, Davis, and Archie Nelson PM 551. An initial thirty Booklets were produced using materials purchased  previously.

6th March 2003. The Annual Test Fee was increased to £25.00.

1st May. The Brethren were shocked and saddened by the sudden death of the Worshipful Junior Warden Brother Douglas Learmonth PM.

29th May. At a Special Meeting the Fellow-Craft Degree was conferred by the Right Worshipful Master Brother John Murray MBE, and  the Office-Bearers of Lodge Livingstone, Stonefield No. 599. Brother John's Mother Lodge is 573, so it was quite an emotional occasion, witnessed by many including visitors from Lodges 215, 557 and 1630.

2nd October. The Lodge decides to cease advertising meetings in the Motherwell Times, because it was simply not cost effective.

24th October. A Joint Annual Ball was held by the three Motherwell Lodges at Dalziel Park. The success of the venture was undoubtedly due to the enthusiasm and hard work of Right Worshipful Masters Hunter Maxwell and John Calderwood of Lodges 573 and 1228 respectively. A magnificent profit of £525.00 was donated to the Halls Committee.

5th February 2004. The Mark Master Degree was conferred on Brother Mark Walsh MM, Lodge Royal Stuart No. 893 (W. Australia.) as a favour whilst he was visiting his uncle Brother Robert Walsh PM. He was also made an Honorary Member of 573 to join his blood brother Drew.

19th February. In line with the recommendations of Grand Lodge the Joining Fee was raised to £200.00, and the Affiliation Fee to £50.00. 

20th May. The last hand written minute was duly recorded. In the future minutes of meetings would be typed up on a Personal Computer and printed on A4 paper, which would be professionally bound into book form every three years or so. A digital record of the minutes would also be backed up onto CD-ROM.  

7th October. An Inventory of the Lodge moveable assets was made using digital photographs, short written descriptions, and estimated replacement costs. The inventory was recorded to 4 CD-ROMS ( Secretary, Treasurer, Fire-safe, and Grand Lodge Archives). Two printed copies were made for the Secretary and the Halls Committee for production to our Insurers.. The Lodge Property was estimated at approximately £20,000.00. Photographs were taken by Brothers Michael Stevens and Archie Nelson PM 551, with the Treasurer writing descriptions, estimating, collating and producing the CD's, and hard copies.

26th November. Brother Kenneth Bogle PM was installed for his fourth term of Office, a magnificent contribution which helps to solve the lack of Brethren willing and able to take on the responsibility of being Master. Mrs. Elizabeth Bogle deserves Honorary Membership for her wifely forbearance.

31st December. A spontaneous collection at the very successful Hogmanay/New Year party raised £231.00 for the relief of victims of the S.E.-Asia Tsunami disaster.

7th April 2005. At the instigation of Brother Alan Bruce the Lodge began to raise money with a Lottery Bonus Ball. This entails much hard work by Brother Alan but the profit of over £20.00 pounds a week, is proving to be a major contributor to our funds.

6th October. The Right Worshipful Master Brother Kenneth Bogle PM, made this a very special meeting when he initiated his youngest son Richard into Freemasonry. The Lodge Ritual Booklets were revised, and a further twenty sets produced.

17th November. The Lodge was visited by Brother Hugh Burns MM Lodge Union No. 244, a Grand Nephew of our Founder Member Brother Henry Dyer PM. Brother Hugh was presented with a Lodge Mark Penny and expressed his thanks and delight at finally seeing the masonic home of his illustrious relation.

1st December. Brother Hunter Maxwell PM had witnessed a Masonic play whilst on holiday in Canada, and brought a copy back to our Lodge. With the permission of the author, Brother Sheldon Kofsky of Ontario, the play was adapted to fit our Scottish culture.  Fifteen copies were made and a cast chosen, with the intention of holding a first read through early in the New Year.