Date of Charter

2nd August 1875














The Formation - The Early Years.

The Founder Members as they appear on the Roll Book were:-

1. James Mason M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
2. Thomas Wyllie M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
3. Daniel Baker M.M. Lodge Ancient Stirling No. 30
4. William Love M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
5. Robert More M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
6. Robert Russell M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
7. William Henderson M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
8. William Haddow M.M. Lodge St. Thomas No.306
9. David Bell M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
10. Adam Hunter M.M. Lodge Dalry Blair No.290
11. Alexander Laird M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
12. James Wilson M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
13. George Dickson M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
14. Andrew Anderson M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
15. John Patterson Jr. M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
16. James Hynds M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
17. Andrew Donaldson M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
18. William Smellie M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
19. David Murdoch M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
20. John Peat M.M. Lodge Woodhall St. John's No.305
21. John Reilly M.M. Lodge No.203 ( Irish Const.)
22. Alexander Pottie M.M. Lodge Thistle No.270
23. Robert Erskine M.M. Lodge Thistle No.270
24. Henry Dyer M.M. Lodge Hamilton No.233
25. David Wood M.M. Lodge St. Andrews No.380


29th April 1875. A number of these Brethren residing in Motherwell and belonging to Lodge Woodhall St. John's No. 305, finding it very inconvenient to travel to their Mother Lodge, called a meeting to take place on this date, in the house of Brother Scott, Muir Street. A proposition was made that they affiliate with Lodge St. John DaIzell, No. 406. Another proposal was made that they form a new Lodge under the name and title of Livingstone St. Andrew, "after our great African explorer, David Livingstone". The latter proposition was carried by a large majority.

27th May. At another meeting held in Brother Scott’s house, a Committee was duly appointed to "receive subscriptions from the Brethren, and any other Brother in the town who may be in favour of the proposed new Lodge."

14th June. The next meeting took place in Mr. Wilkinson’s Royal Hotel, when Office-bearers were elected to transact all necessary business that might arise. It was agreed that a Petition be drawn up, according to Grand Lodge Laws and sent to Lodge Woodhall St. John's, No. 305, and Lodge Hamilton, No. 233, for the signatures of the Masters, and Wardens, and thereafter await the convenience of Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting for approval.

10th July. Again in the Royal Hotel, the Petition now containing the necessary signatures was read to the Brethren present, and approved. Brothers Russell and Laird were appointed to visit Brother Nisbet, Provincial Grand Secretary, and instruct him to present the Petition to Provincial Grand Lodge at their first meeting, and if approved, to forward it in time to Grand Secretary, to present it at the Grand Lodge meeting on Monday, 2nd August.

27th July. At the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, the Petition was presented, and approved. It was signed by the Provincial Grand Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, and a large number of Brethren belonging to other Lodges in the Province.

The following Brethren were declared in the Petition to be duly elected as the first Office-Bearers of the new Lodge:—

James Mason Right Worshipful Master
Thomas Wylie Deputy Master
Daniel Baker Substitute Master
William Love Worshipful Senior Warden
Robert More Worshipful Junior Warden
Robert Russell Treasurer
William Henderson Secretary
William Haddow Senior Deacon
David Bell Junior Deacon
Adam Hunter Inner Guard
Alexander Laird Tyler

2nd August 1875. The Charter was duly granted by Grand Lodge under the name of Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew, and place number 573 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

9th August. A confirmation letter was received from Grand Secretary, authorising the Brethren of the new Lodge to work the First Three Degrees of Masonry in due form on, and after the 7th August.

12th August. The first meeting of the Lodge took place in Brother McNaughton’s Hall, Milton Street. The Right Worshipful Master, Brother James Mason, Wardens and other Office-Bearers opened the Lodge in due form, and performed their respective duties to the great satisfaction of all the Brethren present.

16th August. At this meeting, the Committee produced a catalogue of the prices of Jewels, and clothing. Brother David Wood also produced samples, the prices of which proved satisfactory, and an order was given to him to supply the Lodge with eleven Silver Jewels at 13/- per oz. (total weight not to exceed more than 15 oz.), 36 Aprons at 3/6 each ,17 Blue Sashes with tinsy knot, and red fringe at 10/6 each.

26th August. The following extra Office-Bearers were duly elected:—

John Reilly Past Master
James Wilson Senior Steward
Colin McLay Junior Steward
Andrew Anderson Chaplain
John Pate Standard Bearer

It was also agreed that the fee for Initiation be 29/-, and Lodge Dues 6d per calendar month until further notice, the first payment to be due on the 12th September.

9th September. The First Degree was conferred on Mr. James Rankin, and Mr. William Murdoch, and their names are recorded on the Lodge Roll, as the first Initiates.

30th September. An invitation was received from Lodge St. John Dalzell, No. 406, to join with their Brethren in a procession on Tuesday, 5th October, in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Christian, who was visiting Motherwell. On that date the Brethren met in their Lodge-room in Milton Street, and formed into procession to accompany the Brethren of Lodge No. 406 from their Lodge-room in the Brandon Hotel, to meet H.R.H. Princess Christian.

25th October. It is minuted that Mr. Edward Burns, boilermaker, 21 years of age, and residing at St. Vincent Place, was duly initiated, passed and raised. This is the first occasion minuted that the Third, or Master Mason Degree was conferred.

4th November. There was a Lodge formed for instruction, when the Brethren present seemed to pay due attention to instructions given by the R.W.M. of the Lodge in a systematical manner, by putting Brethren into Office for their very first time.

11th November. It was agreed to hold regular monthly meetings on Saturdays instead of Thursdays, as was formerly agreed to, and commence same on Saturday, 11th December.

30th November. The Brethren held their first Anniversary in celebration of St. Andrew’s Day. After singing two verses of the 100th Psalm, the Brethren partook of a good substantial repast supplied by James Collins, Baker, Brandon Street. The rest of the evening was spent in song and toast up to the eleventh hour, when all parted, highly satisfied with the night’s enjoyment.

5th February 1876. Brother Andrew Anderson was appointed the first representative to Grand Lodge to be held on 7th February. He was instructed to enquire the reason for the delay of the Charter.

10th February. He reported at this meeting, that the reason for the delay of the Charter was that the Grand Master was from home, and had not signed it, but had now given the Substitute Grand Master permission to sign it, and Grand Secretary promised to send it on as soon as possible.

10th March. The Brethren met in full Masonic costume at 7 p.m. in Brother McNaughton’s Hall, Milton Street, in celebration of the said Hall being consecrated by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire (Middle Ward), with Brother J.C.Forrest, Acting Provincial Grand Master, presiding. With the assistance of the Provincial Grand Lodge Office-bearers, he went through the ceremony of consecrating the hall in his usual grand style, after which the first Installation of Office-Bearers took place, who were as follows:—

James Mason R.W.M.
John Reilly P.M.
Thomas Wyllie D.M.
Daniel Baker S.M.
William Love W.S.W.
Robert More W.J.W.
Robert Russell Treas.
William Henderson Secy.
William Haddow S.D.
David Bell J.D.
Andrew Anderson Chap.
John Pate S.B.
James Wilson S.S.
Andrew Donaldson J.S.
Adam Hunter I.G.
Alexander Laird Tyler

The assembly afterwards sat down to a sumptuous supper purveyed by Brother, and Mrs. McNaughton in their usual grand style, to which all did ample justice. Brothers William Love, and Robert More acted as croupiers. After the cloth had been removed, Brother James Mason, R.W.M., acting as Master of Ceremonies, proposed a vote of thanks to Brother, and Mrs. McNaughton for the excellent way they had purveyed the supper, which was acknowledged by three hearty cheers. Afterwards Mr. D. Murdoch’s Quadrille Band struck up the "Grand March," which brought the Brethren, along with their wives, and sweethearts, into a regular form, and was led off by Brother James Mason in first-class style. The assembly went through a very lengthy programme on the "light fantastic toe" till an early hour in the morning, when all parted highly satisfied with the night’s enjoyment. Brother Thomas Hamilton’s "missis" gained the honour of "belle of the ball"; Brother James Henderson’s "missis" being second.

13th April. The minute reveals the first mention of a Benevolent Fund. A subscription was got up for a poor Brother, which amounted to twelve shillings and ninepence. It was agreed to give the Brother five; the Treasurer was to retain the balance for similar purposes.

25th May. It was agreed to raise subscriptions from the Brethren to purchase a flag, and after investigation it was agreed that Brother D. Wood supply the Lodge with a twilled silk flag, size 8 ft. by 7 ft., and paint whatever emblems the committee desire on it. The subscription amounted to £3 19/6.

15th July. A picnic was held in the grounds of DaIzell House, to which Sister Lodges were invited. Cleland Brass Band was engaged to play in the procession for the sum of £3, and refreshments. This was much enjoyed by the Brethren, their wives and sweethearts.

24th August. The first Mark Lodge was opened when Brother James Mason, R.W.M.M., was ably assisted by Brother William McMurdo, R.W.M.M., of Lodge Woodhall St. John's No. 305, and his Office-bearers.

17th October. The Brethren turned out in procession along with a deputation from Lodge St. John DaIzell, No. 406, to take part in the demonstration at the laying of the foundation stone of the General Post Office, Glasgow, by His Royal Highness Edward, Prince of Wales, Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason of England, with Masonic honours. The Brethren, headed by the Wishaw Clydesdale Brass Band, left the Lodge-room at 8.30 a.m. to the tune of "The Merry Masons", and proceeded by way of the Cross towards Park Street to pay honour to Brother Calderwood there, who was in bad health; returning from his residence by the Cross and Brandon Street to the station for the train to Glasgow. Arriving in Glasgow, they proceeded along with Brethren from all Lodges in the Provinces of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Ayrshire to George’s Square. The stone being duly and truly laid and the ceremony over, the Brethren proceeded to the Star Hotel and partook of a sumptuous dinner provided for them, returning home about 7.30. The Brethren paid 1/-per head to defray the expenses of the band, which received £4, free tickets to Glasgow, but no refreshments.

9th November. At the second annual election of Office-Bearers, Brother James Mason was re-elected as R.W.M. It was agreed that the Secretary receive an annual fee of 30/-, and the Tyler 20/-, with 1/- extra for each initiate.

30th November. Brother James Mason was re-installed as R.W.M., along with his Office-Bearers. It was agreed that the regular meetings of the Lodge be held on the first Thursday of each month. Lodge dues were also fixed at 6d per calendar month, payable at the regular meeting of each month. The initiation fee was also raised to 30/-.

7th December. The books of the Lodge were examined and audited by Brothers James Mason, R.W.M., Daniel Baker, W.S.W., and Henry Dyer, S.B., and found correct in every way.

15th March 1877. It was agreed (after a division) to remove from the present meeting-place in Brother McNaughton’s Hall to the Masonic Hall in Milton Street, at which they held their first meeting on 5th April, 1877.

24th August. The Brethren of this Lodge and Brethren of Lodge St. John DaIzell, No. 406, met in procession and were joined at the station by Brethren of Lodges St. Clair, Cambusnethan, No. 427, and St. Mary, No. 31, and marched to Hamilton to take part at meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge for the Installation of Brother J. Clark Forrest, P.G.M.

29th March 1878. Brother James Mason, I.P.M., was presented with a Past Masters' Jewel and Masonic Scarf Pin, also an elegant gold brooch for Mrs Mason, for the services which he had rendered to the Lodge since its formation.

11th April. It is minuted "that the Secretary be instructed by the R.W.M. and Office-bearers and Brethren of this Lodge to send Mr King one ton of coal for the use of his hall for their meetings."

9th May. A deputation of the Brethren assisted at the laying of a Memorial Stone at the new Established Church at Stonefield, Blantyre, and also a Memorial Stone of a Masonic Hall, by Brother J. C. Forrest, P.G.M.

5th September. An invitation was received from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire for a deputation to be present at the laying of a Memorial Stone of the Burns Monument at Kilmarnock on 14th September, but there is no mention whether the Brethren availed themselves of this privilege.

17th April 1879. The Secretary read a letter from Mr King, landlord of the Freemason's Hall, Milton Street, asking the Lodge to pay a rent of £5 yearly, when it was agreed to appoint a committee to try and get another place of meeting. This committee must have been successful, because the next meeting on 19th June of that year was held in DaIzell Hotel Hall.

7th August. Brother William Dempster, P.M. of Lodge No. 305, presided over the Lodge in the absence of the R.W.M. and conferred the First Degree.

9th October. A deputation visited Lodge Livingstone, No. 599, Blantyre, at the consecration of a new Hall there.

9th March 1880. The Lodge was again visited by the Provincial Grand Master, Bro. J. C. Forrest, and a deputation who inspected the books, and complimented the R.W.M., Office-Bearers and Brethren on the efficiency of the Lodge.

6th April. The Entered Apprentice Degree, Fellowcraft Degree, Master Mason Degree and Mark Degree were conferred on two candidates on the same evening.

1st December 1881. At the Annual meeting Brother William Dempster, who had acted as R.W.M for most of the year, during the unavoidable absence of Brother John Gibson, R.W.M., was thanked for his valuable services. The annual dues were reduced from 6/- per annum to 3/-.

5th January 1882. It was reported by the auditors that there was a balance of £5 0s 2d, in the hands of the Treasurer, the first time in the history of the Lodge that there was such an excellent balance.

24th March. The Lodge held a very successful Supper and Ball in the DaIzell Arms Hotel.

4th May. For the first time the R.W.M., Senior and Junior Wardens attended Grand Lodge in Edinburgh and were allowed their railway fares from Lodge funds. At that Grand Lodge meeting a motion was carried granting membership in Provincial Grand Lodges to all Past Masters.

1st February 1883. It was agreed that the Lodge procure a set of working tools, and Brothers Dyer, and Dempster were instructed to go to Glasgow and purchase same.

18th May. The Lodge met in the Free Gardener's Hall in Hamilton Street, because of their Lodge-room being let to another tenant.

7th June. This meeting was in the Brandon Hotel Hall, Brother Dempster again presiding. (It has often been recorded by Brother Dyer, in his usual jocular style, of how he could be seen wheeling the Lodge furniture in a wheelbarrow from one place to another.)

6th October. A deputation from the Lodge visited Glasgow, on the invitation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow, and attended at the laying of the memorial stone of the Municipal Buildings there.

1st May 1884. The Brethren of this time did not believe in hiding their light under a bushel, for it was agreed to procure a lamp with Masonic emblems and the night of meeting printed on it, and display same at the front door of the Lodge (Brandon Hotel).

31st May. A deputation again visited Glasgow to assist in the laying of a memorial stone of the new drill hall of the 3rd L.R.V.

1st July 1886. The first occasion we find the Lodge making application to the P. G. L. Benevolent Fund, when they appealed on behalf of a widow, and her children.

3rd January 1887. It is minuted that a joint meeting with Lodge St. John Dalzell, No. 406, was held for the purpose of laying the foundation stone of the Municipal Buildings, and Town Hall Motherwell, with  Provost Brother Matthew D. Goodwin, M.M. Lodge No. 406, presiding. There were deputations from a number of the Lodges in the Province. After the procession, headed by the Cleland Brass Band, had paraded the principal streets of the town, they arrived at Clyde Street, where the stone was duly and truly laid according to Grand Lodge Laws.

It is also interesting to note that the bottle placed in the cavity of the stone contained the following articles:—"Glasgow Daily Mail", "Glasgow Herald", "Glasgow News", "Scotsman", "Scottish Leader", "The Hamilton Advertiser", "Wishaw Press", "The Motherwell Times", copy of Laws of Grand Lodge of Scotland, copy of Laws of Lodge St. John DaIzell, No. 406, Mark Masters' Diploma of Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew, No. 573, with the names of current Office-bearers on the back of it, also the current coins with letter from the Mint—one sovereign, one half-sovereign in gold, half-crown, florin, shilling, sixpence, and threepence in silver, one penny, halfpenny and two farthings in copper. The following mandatory coins in silver, one penny, twopence, threepence, fourpence, fivepence and sixpence.

3rd November. It was agreed that the annual test fee be two shillings, which remained at that figure until 1930.

7th May 1888. The Brethren, along with deputations from other Lodges, at the request of the Provincial Grand Lodge, attended at Motherwell Station to welcome the Prince of Wales (afterwards King Edward VII), Grand Master of England and Patron of Scottish Masonry, who was on a visit to DaIzell House. On this occasion the Lodge Flag was hoisted on the highest pinnacle of the exterior of the Lodge-room.

7th February 1889. The Lodge appointed a deputation to wait on the Brethren of Lodge St. John DaIzell, No. 406, to co-operate with them in trying to purchase, or erect a suitable building for Masonic purposes. A joint committee was duly formed, and was confirmed at a meeting held on 7th March of this year. The joint committee for the new Masonic Hall agreed to hold a a grand Scottish Concert for the purpose of raising funds for this proposal at an early date. The concert was held on 14th October and proved a great success. After all expenses had been paid, there was a balance of £14 16s 3d, which was divided equally between the two Lodges. This money was placed in a separate account to form the nucleus of a building fund.

6th June. Brother John McGregor presented to the Lodge an Entered Apprentice Dirk, for which he received the thanks of the R.W.M. and Brethren.

12th October. Brothers Robert McKirdy, and Henry Jackson presented the Lodge with a set of working tools for the Mark Master Degree, and received the thanks of the R.W.M. and Brethren.

2nd October 1890. A committee was appointed to make arrangements with Lodge No. 406 for a combined Church Service.

6th November. It was agreed to raise the Secretary’s salary from 30/- to 45/-, but the Tyler’s to remain as it was, namely, 20/-, and 1/- for each initiate.

4th December. A committee was appointed to draw up a copy of Bye-laws for the Lodge, and call a special meeting, and submit same to the Lodge for approval.

21st February 1891. A draft copy of Bye-laws was approved of, and the Secretary instructed to send same to Provincial Grand Lodge for approval.

6th March. At the Lodge Festival Brother Alexander Anderson, I.P.M. was presented with a Past Masters' Jewel, a marble timepiece, and ornaments in appreciation of the valuable services he had rendered the Lodge during the five years he had held the office of R.W.M. This Jewel is still worn by the reigning R.W.M.

19th March. A custom which had been neglected in the Lodge for many years was brought to the notice of the R.W.M. at this meeting, when the fact "that we have been very irregular of late in appointing Instructors to the newly initiated Brethren" was noted, and Instructors were appointed to all Brethren who had been initiated since last November and "the custom to be strictly adhered to in the future."

7th January 1892. Brother Robert McKirdy, R.W.M., presented a Ballot Box to the Lodge, while at the same meeting it was agreed to purchase a Masonic Carpet for the Lodge-room.

7th April. From the minute, it appears that the Lodge was beginning to be more healthy financially, because we find it purchasing a New Chest and Writing Desk, a Lamp for the Third Degree, a Table Cover, and also the following Jewels:- I.P.M.’s, Steward's, Chaplain’s, and Mark Master’s. At this same meeting, Brother Henry Dyer, P.M., Secretary, was given the sum of £2 for his work in framing the Lodge Bye-laws.

7th July. The Lodge subscribed to a testimonial to Brother Colonel John G. Forrest, Provincial Grand Master, who had just retired from that high office, and on the 8th August a deputation accompanied the R.W.M. to assist Brother Robert King Stewart, R.W. Provincial Grand Master Elect, in his first public ceremony—"the laying of the memorial stone with Masonic honours of the New Bridge over the Clyde at Cambuslang."

The Installation of Brother Robert King Stewart as Provincial Grand Master was held in the County Hall, Hamilton, on the 8th September, the Installing Master being the Right Honourable the Earl of Haddington, Grand Master Mason of Scotland, and needless to say there was a large deputation of Brethren of this Lodge present on that occasion.

1st December. Brother Robert Stevenson presented to the Lodge, two Pedestals for the Senior, and Junior Wardens.

12th January 1893. It was agreed, on the motion of Brother Alexander Anderson, P.M., to form a committee for the purpose of building a Masonic Hall.

6th April. They reported that they had taken a five years’ lease of a hall at No. 94, Muir Street at an annual rental of £21 10/-, and the Lodge further empowered them to put the said hall in order and make it suitable for Masonic purposes.

1st June. The alterations were completed, and the Lodge removed to the Muir Street Hall. At this meeting Brother Alexander McPhail presented to the Lodge, a Keystone Jewel, and received the thanks of the Brethren for same. The same Brother was also appointed Janitor of the hall.

4th August. The Ceremony of Consecration of the new Hall was conducted by Brother Robert King Stewart, Provincial Grand Master, and his Office-bearers, in a very masterly style. At this meeting Brother Charles Taylor presented to the Lodge, a Lithographic Portrait of Brother Lord Haddington, G.M.M. of Scotland. Brother Henry Dyer, P.M., presented a picture of the opening of Grand Lodge in Edinburgh in 1859, and Brother McPhail presented a large lamp for hanging outside the front door. These Brethren were warmly thanked for their various gifts.

2nd August. A special meeting of the Benevolent Committee of the Lodge was held, and took into consideration the circumstances of many of the Brethren who were affected by the coal strike which was then taking place, and disbursed the sum of £7 10/- among fifteen of the Brethren affected.

6th September. The Lodge invested in a new flag at a cost of £11 10/-, and also a bannerette for the Lodge-room at a cost of £2 2/-, which was painted by Brother W. Crail, Painter, Bo’ness.

29th September. The Brethren turned out, and attended at the laying of the Foundation Stone of the Holy Trinity Church in Motherwell, by the Provincial Grand Master.

10th January 1895. A concert was held in the Town Hall and realised the sum of £26 for the Building Fund of the Lodge

6th June. Brother Robert McKirdy, R.W.M., presented the Lodge with a Mallet, he had made from one of the rafters of the old Lodge-room of Lodge Mother Kilwinning, No. 0.

6th February 1896. A set of Tracing Boards for the instruction of candidates was purchased for the sum of £3 16/-. At this meeting Brother Henry Dyer, P.M., Secretary, reported that an informal meeting had been held by the R.W.M., Wardens and Secretary of this Lodge, and the same Office-Bearers of Lodge St. John DaIzell, to see if it was possible to form a joint committee for the purpose of building a Masonic Hall. In the month of May of this year, a deputation of the Brethren attended at the laying of the Foundation Stone of Bellshill Academy on the invitation of Lodge Woodhall St. John's, No.305.

4th June. It was agreed that the negotiations regarding the building of a hall be discontinued.

19th August. The Lodge held its annual outing to Stirling, and the Brethren of Lodge Ancient Stirling, No. 30, extended them a hearty welcome, and allowed them the use of their Lodge-room.

19th March 1897. The annual Festival of the Lodge proved the greatest success the Lodge had ever had, with no fewer than fifty couples taking part in the dance, held in the Town Hall.

6th January 1898. It was agreed that the present hall in Muir Street, and the old Masonic Hall in Milton Street be taken, as offered by Mr William King, at a rental of £60 per annum, Brother Henry Dyer, P.M., very strongly entering his dissent. A specially summoned meeting of the Lodge took place on 25th February for the purpose of discussing the re-taking of the halls. At this meeting, it was agreed that a private company be formed to take a lease of the hall in Watson Street direct from the factor, Mr William King.

13th May. A deputation of the Brethren attended the Consecration of the new Lodge-room of St. Mary, Coltness, No. 31, Wishaw, by the Provincial Grand Lodge Office-Bearers.

31st July. The first Church Service under the auspices of the Lodge was held in Dalziel Parish Church.The preacher on this occasion was the Reverend Brother David Ness, MA., of Whiteinch Parish Church, and he delivered an eloquent address from 1st Corinthians, 13th Chapter, 1st to 13th verses.

2nd March 1899. A committee was again formed to act along with a similar committee from Lodge No. 406, to look out for a suitable site for the building of a Masonic Hall.


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