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2nd August 1875














The Centenary - The Affluent Society

19th March 1975. Masonic History was made when Brother W. Graham Marshall R.W.M., and his Office-Bearers conferred the Fellowcraft Degree, at Lodge Scone and Perth No.3. The first time in that Lodge's long history, that a Lodge outside the Province of Perthshire East had been permitted to confer a Degree. The R.W.M. of No. 3, Brother Donald Gardiner complimented his counterpart, and commented " I hope they feed you like horses in Motherwell, they certainly make you work like them".

3rd April. A sub-committee of equal numbers from 573, and 406 met to try and work out a formula to combat the continuing financial crisis of the Halls Committee.

23rd August. The great day chosen to celebrate the Centenary of the Lodge began at 1:00 p.m. in fine style, with a Civic Luncheon. Chairman Councillor Hutchison B. Sneddon OBE and his colleagues welcomed 27 members of the Lodge, 3 members from Provincial, and 5 members from Grand Lodge. Generous tributes were paid to the Lodge, with very best wishes for the future.Later that day at 4 p.m. a Centenary Re-Dedication Ceremonial was held in the Halls, attended by a Deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge, headed by Provincial Grand Master Brother David Straiton, and a Deputation from Grand Lodge headed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Brother Captain Robert Wolridge Gordon of Esslemont, who carried out the Ceremonial. From the Minute " This was indeed a most solemn affair, and the Bible readings together with the Prayers, combined with the strong singing of over 200 voices, made this a day that will long be remembered by those fortunate enough to be present." The Office-Bearer's new Regalia was consecrated by Grand Chaplain Brother William Hume.

The Grand Master Mason graciously accepted Honorary Membership of Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573, and duly signed the Lodge Roll.

All concerned retired to a splendid Dinner, and Harmony. The customary Loyal and Masonic Toasts, were enjoyed, with the Toast to "Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573", being most fittingly delivered by Brother Henry Anderson, Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Woodhall St. John's No. 305. There is no doubt that the Grand Lodge above echoed with the approval of our Founder members. So ended a very successful day, the culmination of a very hectic year, with the normal Lodge business being combined with fund raising, and preparations for the Centenary Celebrations. Thanks, and congratulations being due to every Lodge member who contributed in any way.

12th September. The Centenary Ball held in the Motherwell Civic Centre, was attended by over 400. One of the evenings highlights being the presentation of a Premature Baby Incubator to Strathclyde Hospital. The major contribution for this gift , being raised by the efforts of the Ladies of 573. ( This donation to a non-Masonic organisation was praised by the Grand Master Mason in his speech at the Festival of St. Andrew, on 27th November 1975. )

13th November. Inflation, which would have a major effect on all aspects of society in the 70's and 80's, necessitated the raising of all Lodge fees. The Annual Test Fee, being increased from £ 1: 50, to £ 2: 50.

19th November. A Draft Constitution for the proposed Masonic Social Club was examined, and agreed in principle.

10th January 1976. The first combined Senior Members Dinner was attended by over 100, and adjudged to be a great success.

3rd March. Further meetings were held with regard to the formation of a Masonic Social Club.

6th March. An historic and unique Dinner was held to present 50-Year Membership Certificates. 27 Members received them from R.W.M. Brother Andrew Allardice, and a further 26 members who were abroad, or absent due to ill health received theirs by post.

20th May. Newly elected Provincial Grand Master of Lanarkshire ( Middle Ward ), Brother Robert T. Sime was warmly welcomed on an official visit to 573, his Mother Lodge. He was accompanied by Brother George G. Smith P.M. 573, Provincial Grand Substitute Master.

27th May. Charity was still to the fore, with £ 300:00 being donated to Motherwell District Council for Community Benefit.

14th March 1977. The Trustees of 573, and 406 agreed to recommend that Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228 be offered a partnership in the Masonic Halls.

4th May. Formal discussions began between the three Motherwell Lodges with regard to forming an equal partnership in the Halls.

6th October. The Initiation Fee was increased to £ 28:00. The average attendance at Meetings was 72.

12th October 1978. At a joint Meeting, a Disposition legalising the transfer of a 1/3 share of the Masonic Halls to Lodge 1228 was signed by the Trustees of the three Motherwell Lodges. This was witnessed by Brother Alexander McGregor Depute Provincial Grand Master, and Brother James McNeil Substitute Provincial Grand Master. The Document was deposited with Marshall, Ross and Munro, Solicitors, for safekeeping.

15th February 1979. The falling requirement for Benevolence was demonstrated with a Notice of Motion reducing from 25% to 10%,the contribution from the annual Test Fee to the Benevolent Fund. This was duly passed on 15th March.

22nd March. A Deputation of fifty Brethren, headed by R.W.M. Brother John Gibson visited Lodge Shalom No. 1600 in Glasgow.

4th May. The Annual Ball was held in the Civic Centre, and attended by over 300. The ticket price was £ 7 per couple.

24th April. The General Committee met to discuss the constitution of the proposed Motherwell Masonic Social Club.

6th September. Brother Alexander McAnally P.M. Treasurer was presented with a well-earned Distinguished Service Diploma.

15th November. The Ladies of 573 continuing their Charity work, presented three invalid chairs worth £ 100 each to Cleland Hospital.

24th January 1980. The new Provincial Grand Lodge Consecration Vessels were displayed in the Lodge. They had been jointly purchased by Lodge Burns Immortal No. 1730, to mark their foundation and consecration, and Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573, to celebrate the fact that the Provincial Grand Master Brother Robert T. Sime, and the Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother George G. Smith were both members of "573".

6th March. In order to combat rising costs, the Initiation Fee was raised from £28 to £ 35, although the Annual Test Fee remained the same.

8th September. The latest Draft Constitution of the proposed Motherwell Masonic Social Club was discussed at some length in General Committee.

20th December. For the first time the Lodge organised a Children's Christmas Party, originally for member's children it was soon extended to include grandchildren. Every year since, the Annual Party gets bigger, and noisier.

8th January 1981. Brother George Barr P.M. was awarded the British Empire Medal, in the New Years Honours list.

16th April. The Lodge agreed to relinquish its Drinks Licence in favour of the new Social Club.

27th November. At the Installation, Brother Malcolm Dow Depute Provincial Grand Master presented the Robert King Stewart Bowling Trophy. The first time it had been won by the same Lodge in successive years, and by the same rink, Brothers Arthur Jamieson, Ian Darroch P.M., John Gibson P.M., and Bert Fisher (Skip).

12th March 1982. The Motherwell Masonic Social Club elected its first Office-Bearers. President Brother John Kerr P.M. 1228, Secretary Brother Gordon McPhee P.M. 406, and Treasurer Brother William H. Roe P.M. 573.

2nd September. The Halls Committee faced severe financial problems, and the Lodge agreed to pay £ 1000 rent in advance.

16th September. The Robert King Stewart Bowling Trophy was won for an astonishing third consecutive time by the same rink. To mark this unique occasion the Lodge agreed to present each of the rink members with a suitably inscribed Tankard.

1st October. The new Social Club finally takes over the running of the bars in the Halls. Thus ending a perpetual headache for the Lodges, but as future events decreed, not the solution hoped for.

6th January 1983. Brother John Smith received the British Empire Medal in the New Years Honours List for work with the disabled.

24th March. It was mooted that our Ritual, prepared many years ago mainly by Brother John K. Smith P.M., should be updated. This provoked heated discussion, but the Ritual in the year 2000 is unaltered.

23rd November. Charitable donations of £ 580, were made to the Partially Deaf Unit at Dalzeil High, and the Partially Sighted Unit at Knowetop. The Ladies of "573" again making the major contribution.

23rd February 1984. Initial steps were taken to allow the Halls to be used as security for a loan to be arranged by the Social Club to carry out renovations to the Halls.

21st June. The Lodge Bye-Laws were updated, and approved by Grand Lodge.

27th June. The Halls Committee sought agreement to carry out urgent roof repairs at a cost of £ 4,392.

17th January 1985. Using Grant Aid from The Scottish Development Agency work began on renovations to the exterior of the Masonic Halls, namely Re-pointing of Brickwork, Painting, Glazing, and Rendering.

24th August. Right Worshipful Master Brother James Hunter attended the 125th Anniversary and Re-dedication of Lodge St. John Dalzell No. 406.

19th September. Increases in Local Authority Rates, and remedial work to meet new Fire, and Health and Safety Regulations resulted in further difficulties for the Halls Committee finances. The Lodges were required to donate £ 300 each.

23rd September. A Regalia Fund was started on the initiative of Brothers Robert McGowan and William H. Lyon, initially to replace and renew as needed, its aim was later changed to provide a completely new set of Regalia at the 125th Anniversary in the year 2000.

19th December. The three Lodges were asked to pay £ 1000 rent per year, to assist Halls Committee finances.

20th February 1986. The Annual Test Fee was increased from £ 2:50, to £ 3:50, and the Initiation Fee increased to £ 45, in an effort to combat increased costs. This was the first increase in Test fees for 11 years.

14th April. Because of the precarious state of the Lodges finances, Right Worshipful Master Brother Steven R. Davis took the unusual step of writing to every known member, informing them of the situation and appealing for donations. The sum of £ 800 was realised, and impending bankruptcy was for the present, averted.

15th May. The Lodge duly paid £ 811, being our share of the renovation costs.

20th June. The Lodge was stunned to learn of the sudden and tragic death of our Secretary Brother Robert McGowan. Condolences and Tributes were paid by Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge, and a great many Sister Lodges. A great loss to his family, and the Lodge. Brother John Darroch P.M. volunteered to act as Secretary until the AGM.

20th September. To celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Grand Lodge, the three Motherwell Lodges held a Special Meeting. This was hosted by "406", when an Entered Apprentice of "573" was passed to the Fellowcraft Degree by the Reigning Masters Brother David Lees 406, Brother Steven R. Davis 573, and Brother John Dunn 1228, who carried out the main part of the Ceremonial. At the close of the Meeting a Celebration Dance was held, and the proceeds of the dance, and the collection at the Meeting amounting to  £100, were donated to the Grand Master Mason's Appeal Fund.

2nd October. Non Masonic charities were still being supported, and £ 350 was donated to the MacMillan Nurses, thanks to the efforts of the Ladies and Brother John Cassidy's sponsored Marathon.

5th February 1987. The Halls Committee intimated that if the financial situation did not dramatically improve, the Halls would probably be closed at the end of May. Crippling costs of repairs, combined with lack of support of the Lodges and Social Club were contributing factors.

5th March. The Trustees of the three Lodges agreed on a cost cutting programme. The Halls could no longer afford to pay Cleaners. In future all cleaning would be done by the Lodges on a rota basis. Any renovations would be done by volunteers.

19th March. The Lodge finally grasped the nettle, and unanimously agreed to raise the Annual Test Fee to £ 10, and the Initiation Fee to £ 60.

7th September. The financial problems continued, the Lodges each loaning the Social Club £ 400, with a further payment of £ 1000 to the Halls Committee.

5th November. The Lodge began to examine it's own costs, and for the first time the Balance Sheet was prepared and photo-copied by A/Secretary Brother Steven R. Davis I.P.M., and Right Worshipful Master Brother Robert Walsh, thereby saving the Lodge some £ 200 in printing costs. Thanks to the advent of Personal Computers, and their associated hardware and software, we have not only continued to do so, but have expanded to produce virtually all of the Lodge's Stationery, including the 125th Anniversary Brochure. Regretfully lack of funds prohibited charity donations this year, and payment of Honoraria was postponed.

7th January 1988. A Motion to allow the Social Club Bars to be open during our Meetings, provoked heated discussion and was soundly defeated.

21st January. The Halls Committee eventually found a volunteer to act as Treasurer, the three Masters agreeing to fill the posts of Secretary, and Chairman on a rota basis. Serious consideration was given to the merging of the Halls, and Social Club committees.

12th February. The Annual Ball was held in the Motherwell Civic Centre, but the number attending fell below two hundred, and this would prove to be the last Ball held in the Civic.

29th March. The Annual Joint Divine Service was held in St. Mary's Church. The Parade to the church, led by the 2nd Wishaw Boys' Brigade Band, would prove to be the last such parade. Lack of numbers, and the increasing animosity to our Order by the Church of Scotland, being the main factors.

3rd November. At the AGM, the Treasurer reported that despite the heavy financial burdens faced, cost cutting exercises, and increased Fees had placed the Lodge onto a much sounder financial footing.

19th December. The year ended with yet another crisis, requiring the Lodges' to inject a further £ 200 each into the Halls Committee funds.

16th January 1989. The continuing financial crisis within the Halls, undoubtedly the result of lack of support for both the Lodges, and the Social Club, finally provoked the Lodges into the investigation of selling the Halls.

6th April. The Lodge Bye-Laws were completely revised to the format dictated by Grand Lodge. at the same time the Annual Test Fee was increased to £ 11, and the Initiation Fee to £ 65.

19th October. A property developer offered to purchase the Motherwell Masonic Halls for £ 70,000.

14th November. At a joint Meeting of the three Lodges, it was the unanimous decision to advertise the Masonic Halls for sale on the open market.

15th March 1990. A further £ 1000 from each Lodge was given to the Halls Committee.

19th April. Another offer for the Halls of £ 55,000, which would also allow the Lodges restricted use of the Temple led to very emotional discussions, and resulted in a Notice of Motion to accept the offer.

17th May. Following the receipt of further information the Notice of Motion was withdrawn.

20th September. The Worshipful Junior Wardens' Regalia including his Chain of Office was stolen from his home and not recovered. Thankfully our insurers replaced the Regalia at a cost of £ 1043.

6th December. No further progress with the sale of the Halls. Meanwhile £ 5,000 was outstanding in Local Authority Rates, and the Halls Committee were threatened with Sheriffs Officers if the debt was not settled in four weeks.

10th January 1991. With the Lodges agreeing to deposit funds as security, the Halls Committee arranged an overdraft facility with the Clydesdale Bank to allow the Rates Demand to be paid, and the Halls to remain open.

4th April. The Lodge unanimously agreed to raise the Annual Test Fee to £ 12, and the Initiation Fee to £ 80.

13th May. An individual appeal was made to all members of the Lodge, requesting donations. The magnificent response totalled  £1653.

5th December. The new Chain, and Jewel of Office of the Worshipful Junior Warden, was finally received, and rededicated by Brother Robert Walsh P.M.

9th December. Despite our financial problems, the Lodge continued its charity work with a £ 250 donation to the Fir Park Special School.

2nd April 1992. The Initiation Fee was increased to £ 95:00, and the Test Fee to £ 15:00. The completely revised Lodge Bye-Laws were adopted.

3rd September. The Senior Deacons' Regalia was stolen, and again thankfully replaced by our Insurers at a cost of £ 168:50.

7th January 1993. Brother William Bourhill was awarded the MBE in the New Years' Honours List, and although quite ill, was also delighted to receive his 50-year Membership Certificate. Regretfully he had only a few short weeks to enjoy his recognition.

4th February. A further offer of £ 100,000 for the Halls was unanimously rejected.

18th February. Roof repairs to the Halls were deemed necessary, at a cost of £ 8,500.

4th March. An Entered Apprentice Degree was conferred by a team of P.M.s' headed by Brother George Barr BEM. A period of thirty-six years covered the most Senior, to the most Junior Past Master. A very special occasion.

11th March. In an attempt to create more personal contact with the members, and hopefully stem the drastic fall in attendances, a three-month trial of calling meetings by Billet was introduced. Initiated by the Secretary, the idea was improved by Brother Robert Walsh P.M. to encompass a very professional Newsletter, and the trial extended by six months. Although attracting much favourable comment and praise in the Lodge, and in the Province, it sadly failed its' objective to stimulate interest in the Lodge Meetings, and was discontinued.

4th November. Because of the reduced attendances at Meetings, it was necessary to increase the Fees further, Initiation Fee to £ 120:00, and Test Fee to £ 18:00.

14th February 1994. Brother Robert Walsh P.M. donated a FireProof Filing Cabinet, thus providing a safe haven for all the Minute Books, and other irreplaceable records of the Lodge. A Sub-Committee was formed with the aim of formulating ways of enticing the members back to their Meetings.

17th March. The Entered Apprentice Tracing Board Lecture was delivered by Brother John R. Murray P.M., the first time it had been heard in the Lodge for some thirty years. This year, due to the lack of candidates, saw the introduction of Exemplification Degrees, giving the Office-Bearers much needed experience.

2nd March 1995. The Lodge was determined not to forget its ideals, and donated a Pressure Cradle Bed costing £530:00, to Strathclyde Hospital.

4th May. Increasing financial demands by Grand Lodge, and falling Lodge income necessitated raising the Initiation Fee to £ 130:00, and the Test Fee to £ 20:00.

21st September. The lack of committed Office-Bearers, combined with the serious accident, which befell the Worshipful Senior Warden Brother David Love, placed the Lodge in a precarious position. A Meeting of the Past Masters thankfully produced three volunteers to assume the duties of Master and Wardens for the next three years. Brothers A. Rankine Williams P.M., Robert Walsh P.M., and Kenneth Bogle P.M. ably demonstrated their commitment to our Lodge.

20th April 1996. The Lodge was shocked by the sudden death of the Treasurer Brother James Hunter P.M., a tremendous servant to the Lodge, and other Masonic Orders.

16th May. Brother William Mair P.M. volunteered to fill the post of Treasurer, and was duly installed. During the Recess the Lodge was saddened to learn of the death of Brother R.T. Sime Past Provincial Grand Master, and even more shocked by the loss of Brother John ( Ian ) Darroch P.M., a stalwart of "573" for nearly 50 years, a truly unique character, renowned ceremonial worker, speaker, and entertainer. The Halls situation remained precarious, but sterling work to maintain and improve the Halls, by a group of volunteers known as the " Cornerstone Club " surely points the way forward for the survival of the Motherwell Lodges.

3rd March 1997. The experiment, changing the start of our Meetings to 7:30p.m., resulted in a slight increase of numbers.

15th May. A joint deputation from Lodges St. John Dalzell No. 406, and Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228 conferred a Master Mason Degree.

4th December. Thinking ahead to our 125th Anniversary in the year 2000, a sub-committee was formed to organise the celebrations.

26th February 1998. The 125 sub-committee decided to correspond with all our members appealing for donations towards a Charity target of £ 2,000, to be presented to a local cause on the occasion of our 125th Anniversary.

7th January 1999. A Notice of Motion changing our Meeting times from 7pm to 7:30pm was unanimously accepted, thus the wheel turns full circle, we used to meet at 7:30pm in the early years.

12th July. 573 embraces the new technology and publishes its own Website with the aims, of promoting the Lodge, advertising our coming 125th Anniversary, and providing our Brethren, at home and abroad, with a further channel of communication.

4th November. At the AGM it was confirmed that the Amnesty granted by Grand Lodge for the year 2000, that of allowing lapsed members to return to the fold by paying only the current year's dues, had so far, proved disappointing. The Brethren were exhorted to make known lapsed members aware of this unique opportunity, and give them every encouragement to return.

31st December. A Millennium party proved a great success, with some eighty revellers enjoying a Hogmanay dance, and bringing in the year Two thousand.



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